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What Do We Do at Havmak?

As Havmak, we primarily develop air purification systems equipped with advanced electrostatic filter technologies through innovative engineering activities. Our organization, which has adopted the slogan #cleanairisaright, conducts R&D activities aimed at the development of the industry in this way. In line with Havmak’s vision, it progresses with the aim of branding on a global scale. Thus, our organization will soon become the company with the most patents in the sector thanks to the investments it has made in development. In this direction that we have progressed, we first and foremost offer our thanks to our solution partners and customers who support us.

Our R&D Activities

Our project, prepared by the Havmak product development department and containing significant scientific and technological innovations, is supported under KOSGEB’s “R&D INNOVATION SUPPORT PROGRAM.” Our revolutionary work for electrostatic filter systems provides great convenience on a user basis. At the same time, we are conducting cost-reduction efforts that will facilitate the end user’s access to the product. Along with this, we aim to reduce foreign dependency by producing products that are reasonably priced and have easily accessible service services.

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